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Please suggest for Cloud Storage and Online backup ?

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I need Cloud Storage and Online backup for my site .


Friend , There is a lot of possibilities when it comes to the cloud storage. The best for customers is the fact that the industry is rapidly growing and the concurrence is getting tougher from day to day. In the same time our data are getting bigger too. So the wise choice is to pick one service for online storage and start backing up the data, today. I recommend you see this review :


Valeria Martin
Valeria Martin

Some of the useful facts about cloud storage are:

You can buy it as well as you can rent it

You can scale up or scale down the cloud resources as per you business demand.

It can be tuned for specific uses.

You can easily access your data from anywhere in the world at any time.

Some of the good cloud storage service provider offers redundant and rolling data backup for thirty days. Some also offer free trial opportunities.

You may try :-http://www.myrealdata.com/cloud-services¦


Cloud Storage and Online Bakup both are relatively same in terms of features. But i recommend JustCloud, ZipCloud and Mozy. These all regards as best Cloud Storage and Online Backup services. Specially their feature includes real time sync, file versioning and previewing, encrypted storage and other storage benefits.

Another important feature is the free cloud storage. Almost all of the big names in the Industry provide free storage upto 5GB to 10GB. So you can use tgheir free storage to get some idea about their service and features before going for paid versions

Alex Saca
Alex Saca

You can go for a small company which provides cloud storage and online backup for small and medium businesses. You will get the professional touch also.

There is a company called Deskpointe which specializes in cloud storage. I know of it because my friend's company uses it for their IT support.


Jeremy J
Jeremy J

Online storage is really the way to go in the future. I use offsite storage solution like MyPCBackup

It's easy to use drag and drop to share files and lets you try it for free for 14 days. Reviews of the product are outstanding.

For a test go to :

Aniket Satbhai
Aniket Satbhai

Use Justcloud for cloud storage & for online backup mypcbackup.com is best....

If you want both on one then try livedrive, also there are many options available

Amanda E
Amanda E

Check out zoolz.com especially if you have big data. They are offering 1GB as low as $0.03 and they backup to Amazon S3.

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