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Part time jobs with tips?

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Jake AbrahamJake Abraham

I'm not 18 yet so some places are limited. I'm thinking about pizza delivery or a restaurant. Any other ideas? Basically anything with tips for a teen with little experience. Also, specific restaurants to try ? Thank you


Pizza delivery will often require that a driver is 18 because of the varying driving laws by state. To drive for work sometimes requires a different type of license that can sometimes only be obtained by an adult. Delivering pizzas is also an unsupervised job, and there are also some laws in place to limit what minors can do unsupervised.

Restaurant servers have usually been with a restaurant for quite a while, and have been promoted up to that level. Entry level restaurant jobs usually include hosting or bussing.

Your best bet is to find a regular job and not count on receiving tips.


About the only jobs that have tips are in delivery (which you can't get yet), bartender (which you can't get yet) or waiter (which you probably won't get.) Just about any restaurant could always use another busboy or dishwasher. Don't be discouraged - everyone starts out with those jobs and then works their way up.


Hey you can do online part time job rather doing pizza deliver

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currently i am doing this and earn around 3000-4000 rs it is easy and in my opinion it is best for the youngster like us

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