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Any genuine offline data entry jobs?

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Cool BulbulCool Bulbul

Ohkk...so i am a student looking for part time jobs..which is not exactly possible as i get home at 7:30 pm so if anyone knows some website where i can get legitimate offline data entry jobs....maybe without any investment.......i can operate computers am good at typing etc plzz help

Richard L
Richard L

There is just no such thing as online jobs that you can do from home. These are all scams and the people that encourage you to do them and tell you how much money they have made, are all a part of the scam. The scam may be building a network of people, telemarketing, online sales, filling out surveys, gifting businesses, data entry, travel writing, transcription services or other similar ploys. Remember that data entry has been made obsolete by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software which can read that characters in a document and translate those into text for you. Re-typing information is completely outdated and unneeded. Cut and paste jobs fall into the same category.

Multi-level marketing (also called network marketing) is a fine line away from an illegal pyramid scheme where the emphasis is on involving more people and not on selling products. If the emphasis is on building a marketing group but no product is being sold then that is a red flag. Also, if they are trying to get you to buy motivational materials, etc. then you can cross them off too.

A word about Ponzi schemes A Ponzi scheme is where you are asked to invest and the returns are usually paid for by the new incoming investors in the system. I friend of mine was involved in one of these. He was an innocent party but eventually when it all fell apart the investigators showed up at his door asking them to pay back all they had made and to testify against the original person who was running the scam. Bottom line was they lost thousands of dollars and they lost all their friends who had likewise been caught up in the scam.

I honestly wished that there were options for home online employment. Recently I went out to one of the web sites that people will post here as an online jobs site and their web site tried to install malware on my computer. Fortunately my anti-malware program detected and stopped that. I often find that the same one company will have several web sites that all eventually refer you into the same company and other strange stuff like web addresses that are not descriptive of the actual company name. Other web sites pay pennies per transaction (or whatever they assign you to do) that you do so we are talking about making so little money it is ridiculous.

Many of these ploys require some kind of up front registration fee. They are all designed to take your money or to take your personal information. With that information they can steal your personal identity and empty your bank account. I can't think of any more diabolical scam than to give people, like single parents hope that they are going to make some money and then dash those hopes by giving them nothing but empty promises. Also, scamming single moms who are trying to keep their heads above water or teenagers who are trying to help their families or trying to earn a few dollars of spending money is about as low as you can go, in my book.

Best wishes!

DR Bears face
DR Bears face

There aren't any. If there were we would all know about them and this question would not be asked dozens of times every day.

Look at the questions in this section.This question is asked 3 times on just this one page.

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