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Why can't I find a job?

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I'm 19 and currently attending college. The spring semester has started and I have no way to buy my books and financial aid won't cover a book voucher. Plus, I need money for transportation. The only income I can rely on is from my parents and even they are having problems with money. It makes me feel really bad when I ask them for money and I'm tired of being broke. I've been applying to jobs online and in person. I've even handed out resumes to managers, yet so far no one has contacted me. I've even been rejected from Target. ******* Target, a large retail that is always in need of employees.

Because of my school schedule, I'm only allowed to work part-time on the weekends. I just don't know what to do anymore. I want to give up, but I can't. I have to find some kind of income to help me at least get by. I'm sorry if it seems like I'm complaining.

I've Got Moxie
I've Got Moxie

I **highly** recommend you go to your university's career employment office. It's much easier to get hired to a job you apply through your university, because those employers are looking for university students. There are plenty of jobs for students, not all are purely for credit as some do pay.

If I were you, the next time you go to apply, ask to speak with the manager and share your story. Tell them you are a college student who needs a job, you have time to work part-time with no problems, share your availability and always be honest. Don't overextend yourself. If they tell you a manager can't see you, walk around the story until you find one and strike up a conversation. Don't be shy. I would also try grocery stores and drugstores because they have always been known to hire high school and university students.

Good luck and hang in there. It can take a month or two before you find a job. Don't get discouraged, it will pay off in the end. The harder the challenge, the greater the victory!


Low end stores will not hire college students usually because they may be considered 'over-qualified' and may ask for a higher pay. A great job I did were promotions, aka brand ambassadors. You know those people you see sometimes that hand out samples? They get paid anywhere between 15-30/hr and hours range from a few hours to a whole day, or longer etc. The great thing is you can pick and choose when and what you want. Try it out. Another good option is just waiting tables at a nice restaurant or bartending.....

entertainment fan
entertainment fan

Doing voluntary work would improve your job prospects. I used to volunteer in a charity shop, and I'm grateful for the experience it gave me of delaing with the public. If you do something like that and gain retail experience, you're more likely to get a job in a shop. I believe God will help you to get a job you'll be happy with, if you pray to Him. I believe in God, and I'm always praying to Him.


Depends on who you are applying for. If you are applying for extra income. You should be putting in applications everywhere, walmart, kmart,starbucks. Your school might even have some jobs available that you can apply for.

I am on a crazy school schedule and I got hired by walmart rescently.



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