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What would you do? (need advice)?

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Im in highschool, and during the fall and spring season i row crew and during the winter i swim. two weeks ago i had to get surgery on my shoulder, and my doctor told me i can't play sports for the rest of the year... the thing is I'm so used to going to either swim or crew after school. i was never bored. but now i just sit around in a sling all day. i can't even tart physical therapy for another two weeks and I'm sooo bored... and i feel kinda lonely too i mean i love sports and i love being on a team, but now while all my friends are out at swim or crew I'm alone and bored and its just frustrating yaknow?

Fairy Princess
Fairy Princess

Go to the practices & cheer on the teams (if that doesn't make you feel worse.) then there's always putting extra time into your studies. or just plain reading for enjoyment, always a good hobby to have.

Tony Kyler
Tony Kyler

Better go along with your friends and start swiming

Ooh Baby Baby!
Ooh Baby Baby!

Yes yes yes go swim away

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