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Should my manager be posting notes like this?

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Like every break room we have a cork board with safety stuff and other stuff. (i work at a salon).

Like every salon there is their share of drama. Well every time there's drama, my manage will write on 2 or 3 pieces of paper scolding one person, but making it look like the whole salon is in trouble..it's like every time stuff gets out of hand, that's how she handles it.

I've asked her briefly about why she does it and she said it's just so she doesn't forget about what she needed to talk about. Even though she never talks to anyone, and these issues never get resolved.

I just think this is her way of avoiding everything so she doesn't have to deal with it and sweeping it under the rug. And there's just a huge problem brewing in the salon. To me it's just unprofessional, immature, and demotivating.


Personally I hate this style of "management" If a boss has a problem with one person s/he should talk to that one person in private and get the issue resolved. It is childish to blame the "team" when one or two people are messing up. A boss should not be the boss if s/he does not have the courage to discipline the employees directly

If she doesn't want to forget what she needs to talk about she should keep these notes on her or in a folder that only she reads.

If the issues aren't being resolved it is possible the person does not realize they are doing something wrong or does not care that s/he IS doing something wrong since they are not being addressed personally.

The next time you see one of these notes, tell her that you saw it and ask her if you are doing X wrong(encourage your co workers to do the same) when she says no and IF she starts talking about so and so and how they are doing X wrong walk away and let her know you won't be a party to gossip and ask her to talk to so and so alone.

If she persists let her know that her notes addressing the team are not solving anything because everyone thinks she is talking about someone else.


This is her method of control where she doesn't do hands on management like an Operations Manager. It is also something that maybe one of her parents did too.


There are perfectly legitimate reasons to "blame the team" in certain circumstances but it shouldn't be done by tacking up notes on the bulletin board.

I did this last week by barking at the whole team for something one person did. The reason I did that was because the one person was in a vulnerable situation, and that person would have taken it much more brutally than it was meant. Also, I wanted to confirm the policy among everybody. It can also help with team building. If they're all PO'd at you, they'll develop a stronger tie among themselves.

The good thing is that she's making it clear that certain behavior is not good. The bad thing is she doesn't have good communication with her team members.

I've known people who communicated by leaving nasty notes around. It's destructive, and a really good way to destroy relationships. These people simply don't have the courage to say, "Hey, could you sit down and talk to me for a minute?"

Understand that she's frightened. Be careful about pushing the issue. If you say, "I wish you would be more direct about this stuff," she's likely going to feel backed in a corner and get very defensive.

You're right. It's not good management. But you can't make her a good manager.

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