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Should I work at Abercrombie?

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I got hired in July to be a model but I went on vacation a month later and ever since then I haven't gone back... should i work there again??? heeeeelp meh


Umm. I Think You Should.! You Would Be Super Amazing(: And I Lovvve Abercrombie.!


If hired in July but took a one month vacation then went on vacation a month later how did you leave the position with the company meaning i.e. you resigned, they stated you could return after vacation, were you no/show or call etc.? Why did you not return to the store after your vacation specifically during holiday time?

I would not rehire someone, VP for 25 years, that worked for 30 days and then went on a month's vacation. However you have nothing to lose by reapplying on line or contact your manager to find out if you are still eligible to return depending on their policy and needs at the store. Good Luck!!

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