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Macys messed up my Schedule for my Seasonal Job?

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I got hired to work for macys, I went to training last week friday. I was due for work this monday and also today for a night shift. Because of School and how far it takes for me to travel to macys I told them i could not work mondays and Wednesdays, but I could work any other day any time. I called on Saturday to speak to my manager ( there was a number on the schedule paper), then I called on Sunday left a message with my number, I did the samething on monday, I also called to speak to HR and left a message tuesday, I called today but didnt leave a message and I have gotten no answer about why I am scheduled to work days I cant. I plan on going in tomorrow in person to sort out the problem, but I am wondering if I can be penalized for not showing up, even though I called left messages with my cell and no one replied? what could be the issue? thanks.


Even though it's their fault they scheduled you on a day you can't work, you are still held responsible to show up.

It won't matter if you called them, wrote them a letter or anything else, you still are expected to either show up or get management approval for someone else to take the shift for you.

Why Wait Tomorrow
Why Wait Tomorrow

Technically, its not your problem. You had a business verbal contractual agreement about the hours you can work. Perhaps they don't care about a fitting schedule, but more of how many people they can have available when it calls for filling someone in when its needed.

Macys has terrible management skills.

My recommendation, don't eff-up your classes over this job. Chances are if you screw up your education, you' might end up working there a lot longer than you hoped. Most of the those full timers only high school degrees.

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