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Is there a maid service that doesnt hire hispanics, one that hires college students or young people?

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I want to try one, but they usually hire only hispanics (illegal) usually is there one that hires students (not druggies). and don't troll my question, i am not saying all hispanics are illegal or that maid companies hire only illegals.

Yahoo! Answerer
Yahoo! Answerer

I'm not an expert, but I'm sure you can just apply to a bunch of different companies. This way, you can increase your chances of finding one that wants you as an employee. If you just keep trying, I'm sure you can find the job for you, one that you like that's willing to hire you. Good luck :)

Mine, please?


Shell Answer Man
Shell Answer Man

If i ran a maid service, who would I want to hire?

A willing labor force, maybe with limited english skills, who'd be serious about the work because it's one of the only ways to put food on the family's table, who can work full time if needed, or...

A college student, with wacky hours, little insight on what being reliable means, transportation challenges, and a tendency to want to put fun before real life priorities.

I ain't hatin, but do the math. Your question is rather racist. Maid services have to be legit because it's one of the types of businesses that homeland security and the IRS will target often for auditing, so your "illegal" statement in the description... go somewhere with that.

You'd have better chances working retail or waiting tables, where the language concern WOULD ding someone from another country. I hope you don't walk into an interview looking as if you DESERVE to be hired, because your approach kind of implies that.

I'm not even Hispanic, but geez, lighten up. It's hard for everybody, and the first thing people do when it gets tough is to find some other group - not even individuals, but the whole dang group - to point the finger at.


Sounds like you should go to college at night.

Or else you are bound to be working these low level jobs the rest of your life.

And life is long.

Take something in demand in college. Something employers desperately need.

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