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I really need some advice.....?

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Im 18 years old n in june i got my first job in a pharmacy..I only work one day a week though, every friday so ive got to go tomorrow but i really really dont want to.. I hate it there.. My boss doesnt like me very much.. In fact i think he probably hates me but i dont know why.. He's always saying horrible things about me to the other staff when im not there.. And when i am there he treats me like im an idiot and pushes me about.. He gets angry if i do something wrong and ive tried explaining to him that its my first job and that im still trying to figure out how things work but he doesnt listen..I dont know if this is normal but i spend pretty much all my time worrying about work and about what he's saying about me.. Lately ive been crying alot and i dont feel like leaving my bed.. I woke up with a really bad cold this morning and when i told my mum that i didnt want to go to work she just said that i was lying about being ill so i could get out of going.. I feel like im being pushed around by everyone and i dont know what to do.. I dont want to go to work tomorrow but if i dont go my family will probably get angry at me.. I know this is a kinda weird thing to write on here but i just need someone elses opinion.. So please answer if you can.. Thanks


I went through something similar in the first few jobs that I did. You shouldn't be made to feel like that, it is not professional. Try and get support from your friends and family if you can. I would try and stick at the job until you find a new one - so keep looking! That way you can leave with your head held high.

You should see this as something you need to go through in life, and do your best at, so you can appreciate it when you do actually get a really good job and manager. Don't beat yourself up though, just realise you can only try as hard as you can and if they can't deal with that, then there's nothing you can do.

They are clearly really ruining your confidence - so YOU need to be the one that stops them getting to you as much as you can. It's a big learning curve so if you can get through this, with advise from others (but don't let them interfere unless it gets extremely serious), then you will be a stronger person who will know how to deal with people like that in the future. Because those kind of people are EVERYWHERE. You should also remember this when you are training others in the future - it will serve you well.

Good luck. You are young and you just need to keep going. Talking is good, but dwelling isn't - so try and forget about it when you don't need to think about it! =)

Keep in mind that you are very good - and are trying your best, and that is all that matters. You know deep down you are doing your best. Look for another job though asap. Hopefully it will be much better for your confidence. =)

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