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How do I tell my manager I DON'T want to do what she wants?

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Im a college graduate with 10 years of experience in the industry that I work. I got a new manager at work. She started at her job couple of months ago and she has no idea what I do in the office and she doesnt realize that I am a skilled worker with 10 years experience in the business ( In fact, I have enough experience and knowledge in the business to do what SHE does) . Today she calls me into her office and tells me that they have a need in another department in the office. The position they are trying to fill, it turns out, is a clerical/secretarial job.

I told her Id think about the position, but I know that Im WAY too overqualified for the position and it wouldnt be a good career move on my part. How do I tell her this without sounding really cocky or sounding like Im above the position she wants me to fill. (Not to mention, without risking being fired because I'd prefer not take on the new position that they want to fill)


Just tell her that you don't think the job would be suited to your abilities and you'd be more effective elsewhere in the company. It doesn't have to be a pissing contest.


Be kind, but explain the nature of what you do. Say that you are overqualified for that position, but could perhaps recommend a friend that might be interested.

If the company tries to transfer you anyway, there is little you can do except resign. Be sure to get documentation on the scope of your present job, and the new one. That will help you in filing unemployment, as a sudden drop in job scope suggests that the termination was not actually voluntary.

Age of Reason
Age of Reason

Simply put

You are happy with your current assignment and accepting that other position would not be putting your skills and knowledge to the best use for the company.

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