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What is the 8 sayings or phases you would say to a customer?

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I have a interview for HMV on friday but on prevous experiences in a hmv interview they give you a piece of paper to write down what 8 things you would say or do to the customer, any ideas


NEVER ask a question that can be answered by just "yes" or "no"

e.g "can I help you" - cos if they answer "no" then thats the end of the conversation

Ask them a question where they must get into conversation e.g (for HMV) "what kind of music are you looking for"


1. Is there anything I can help you with?

2. Are you finding everything okay?

3. How are you today?

4. Do you have any questions?

5. Always have a genuine smile

6. Offer to help them decide on a product or service

7. Thank them for shopping with your company

8. Always end with 'have a great day, we hope to see you again'


Here is the ten commandments of great customer service:


Good luck.


Be like Walter .. Get your sh1t and get out!

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