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Burned out and too old to change jobs?

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I have been at the same job for 16 years, and work both days and nights. I do not like night shift, but am unable to switch shifts. I am 58 years old and too old to change jobs. I am at the point where I hate my job. I am burned out. What can I do? Also, my job only pays $12.00 per hour. With my odd schedule, I am unable to work a second job. What can I do?


First - DECIDE to like your job. Find your purpose in there. I don't mean be Gandhi there, but be a good worker - make your boss glad that you're there.

Second - Realize that working for someone else will never make you financially comfortable. Besides your "pay the bills" job, you need to be building something that is yours. My wife and I are doing this.

It is called MLM or Network Marketing or Direct Sales - but it is "the poor man's franchise". Work in YOUR time, at YOUR pace, for YOUR profits.

The Count
The Count

There always SOMETHING that you can do and since you have held a job for so many years it shows it can be done.

Find a job with days only and if you need to cut back do so in order to make it work. Since you are burned out, try a different line of work.. I doubt the one you have now was predetermined at birth.


You need to changer your attitude! A job is a place where you work for money so you can support yourself and family! If you were a ditch digger, I might have more sympathy for your situation. Look at the bright side you have a long term stable position when many others can not even find a job. Look around to see if anything else is available but do not quit thinking someone else will automatically hire you. Good Luck


Have you ever thought about starting a part time business that could replace your job income and more?! And it could be something you like to do better. What kind of hobbies do you have etc that could be turned into money makers for you? You don't have to suffer at a dead end job if you don't want to think about it then decide. hope this helps

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