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Who makes more money a fbi agent or a singer?

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I just saw that money maker like fbi agent earn a lot of gold but i dont know about the earning of both


An FBI agent's starting salary is about $50K. Agents that have been on the job for many years could earn as much as $100K.

A "singer" can earn anywhere from zero to millions of dollars per year. Most of them probably earn a lot closer to zero than to a million.


Silly question really. An FBI agent has a steady job with benefits and income. A singer who makes the big time likely earns millions which is the same number of good singers that never make the big time...millions of them. They work on weekends, make a few bucks have no benefits and in reality not so much of a future, just hope. In essence it depends on which singer you speak of.


Well FBI do make a lot of money.

if you want to be a singer, your going to have to be a REAL good singer!

and if you go on xFactor or American Idol, you'll be recognized by everyone, be famous, get $$

good luck!

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