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I was fired today because I took vacation and did not tell them it was for my freelance job on the side!?

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Do freelance graphic design on the side of my regular marketing job 9-5pm. Upon receiving employment, they knew of my freelance work and determined it was not a conflict of interest. When I was away, they went into my emails, discovered that the vacation days used were not for pleasure but for business on my graphic design work, and upon return fired me over the phone saying it would be best that I not come back into the office.

They now want me to come into the office and sign paper work. I am so angry that I do not want to. Should I?


Go into the office and before you leave put pins on your bosses chair

That'll show him

jackie m
jackie m

Are you serious, you had a permanent job and took time off without telling them,? of course you will get fired as they presumed you were not coming back to the job because you didnt call to let them know

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