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I lied on a job application and still got the job, but can I get in trouble for lying?

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((ok so I kinda lied during my interview, but not on the job application. I have 2 PENDING court cases, I have not been convicted yet. So on the online application I checked no I have not been CONVICTED of any misdemeanors or felonies.))

my employer said that he wanted to do a drug test and backround check on me. I consented to both (knowing that if he did the backround check he would figure out that I lied). He ended up just telling me that we arent going to do either today because he was too busy, and that he will see me when I start.

1. Do you think he will even run the backround check?

(and what comes up in a backround check)

2. If he runs the backround check AFTER I am hired, can he still fire me?

3. Can I get in any trouble with the law for lying on an application? or will he just fire me?

My plan right now is to work very hard at my job (like I always do) to try and make myself someone they dont want to do without, so even if they do find the minor criminal backround, then maybe the manager will look past it.

Jimmy Usa
Jimmy Usa

If they run a background check and your arrests come up you are f*cked, either before or after you start working. Even pending court dates show up.

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