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I don't feel I'm being compensated correctly for the work I'm doing. what should I do?

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I've been working for this company for over 6 months and am paid hourly. Recently we have downsized, and the responsibilities of 2 former part time employees have been given to me. I am completing the work satisfactorily, but it requires me to work at home (off the clock) a few times a week.

Not only do I feel I deserve further compensation for more responsibilities in my work place, but I feel cheated out of compensation for the hours I am putting in at home.

I feel like I'm being paid hourly but doing the work of someone who is paid on salary.

Should I ask for a raise? more hours to complete the work?

I have never been in this situation and feel taken advantage of.


Why are you working at home off the clock?

Your job includes whatever the employer says it is that includes the "extra" work you are now doing...

so, do your job to the best of your ability, do NOT work off the clock.... if you cannot get the work done TALK to your employer, explain your concerns, as long as you are doing the best you can, and you are not lazy, slacking off, making mistakes, violating established procedures/protocols they will understand and give you the needed time....


You are in business for yourself- selling your services to a customer for an agreed price. If you no longer feel the price or terms of the agreement are fair, you may refuse to sell, or try to negotiate an increase and better conditions.

If your customer thinks you are worth the higher price, you will get it. If not, they may decide to buy elsewhere.

It's exactly like your going to the store to buy something- you want a product that does what you need done, and at the best price you can find for the quality you need. Sometimes you don't find it and try another store. I'm sure you think that is fair, and it is. It's just that when you are shopping, you are the buyer, the customer. At work, your employer is your customer.

Before you take action be sure and ask yourself if you are giving your customer good value and if your service is worth more than you are getting for it. If so, then it's reasonable to expect a better price.

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