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Giving notice of resignation. How exact does the notice period have to be?

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If you are required to give 4 weeks' notice, and your last day at work is going to be the 1st March, you would need to submit your notice no later than 1st February. Right?

Would there be any benefit to submitting notice a day or two before February 1? i.e. giving slightly more than the 4 weeks required?

DR Bears face
DR Bears face

There is no benefit to you in putting your notice on early but it does give your employer longer to replace you.

WHO DAT? I don't know, but learn to spell
WHO DAT? I don't know, but learn to spell

There is no benefit for you. i turned in my two weeks notice 3 weeks ahead. it just has to be long enough ahead of the time you are resigning


2 weeks is customary and unless your job is highly skilled that is the most I would give.

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