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Am I liable if my former employer is still paying for cellphone I do not use?

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I was fired from my job of many, many years in June 2011. The parting was not on good terms. We had a new boss who was unprofessional, liked to critize practices (although for the life of him could not come up with any other other solution to the issue either), and lost his temper with employees and even clients frequently.

After leaving, my former employer never turned off service to my cellphone. I owned the phone but they paid for service in a deal set up with my previous boss (they fired him two weeks before me). The new boss knew (or should have known) about the arrangement as he had to sign off on it.

It is now 18 months after my employment ended and my former employer is still paying for service on the phone. Funny thing is, I don't use the phone any more. I just check on it every now and again to see if it is still going and it is still getting calls, still has bars, and still has internet service.

I have another phone now. I could care less about my former employer. The way I see it is that they should be paying attention to their bills and what they are paying. My question is not about whether to tell them or not. I could care less that they have chosen to continue to pay the bill. My question is, am I liable in any way for a phone that is no longer in use but that they are paying for?


Still don't use the phone. Get proof on your last day you worked & the agreement. If you can get in touch talk to your old boss see if him or her will comfirm the arrangement paying the bill or see if your exboss can give you advice on how to clear you from the bill or shut it off. If you can report the new boss because employees have rights on how there treated at work. You wouldn't only be protecting your rights but all the other people still being mistreated that still are working there. I hope this helps you. I feel for you . I've been treated badly at work before you can either report it or let it go your choice .good luck. H.P

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