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What is a good online course to take to get a job in the medical field ?

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Im looking for a certification in the medical field that won't take longer than 3-6 months. my long term goal is to become a cosmetic/reconstructive surgeon for children , & i know I need a bachelors degree to even go to medical school ( which will be between 10-12 years ) i would just like to complete a couple short courses, online preferably for now , that will be beneficial in the long run . if you can list courses that i can take at a campus that would be great to , but really looking for online . thanks in advance !

Simpson G
Simpson G

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it isnt going to happen. ALL patient care positions require in-school/in-office training via labs or clinicals.

To be a plastic surgeon, your education path will look like this:

4 years undergrad (unless there are special circumstances)

4 years med school

5-7 years residency

optional 1-3 years fellowships

If you are trying to gain medical field experience, then be very careful about wasting tme and money on things that don't matter. You can get a Phlebotomy certification in 4-8 weeks and with that you can volunteer to get patient care experience that will look good on a resume. There is zero reason to get a lengthy certificate if it costs you money or will impede your education. You won't be able to use it during med school or residency and it might even be hard to find shifts during PreMed.

I tend to push people towards short certificates and lots of volunteer work or low level employment. There is no reason to put of your education for a degree in something that you will only use for a few years.

Edit: By special circumstances with undergrad, I mean accelerated programs or taking classes year round. Theoretically, if you take heavy loads year round in undergrad, you could get out in 2 or 2.5 years. Accelerated programs are basically exactly this.

Ryan M
Ryan M

Nothing "online" will really be any help as those courses do not transfer and most are not even accredited. Your best bet is to take Into Biology and Chemistry courses from your local community college online.

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