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What are the requirements needed in order to become an Occupational Therapist?

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Although I'm only a Sophomore in high-school, I want to know everything that I need to know in order to reach my goal. I'm currently taking a health class (H.O.S.A) and this is my 2nd year. By the time I graduate high-school, I will have my CNA degree... I think lol.

But this summer I'm considering taking free college classes like Math and Science (because well they are free and I want to take advantage of that to get those out of the way) ..so when I graduate I can just apply for an OT school.. Right? Am I wrong? Lol. What are the basic classes that I need to take before I can apply?

mark m
mark m

For more information on careers in occupational therapy, please contact:

College of Occupational Therapists

Education Department

106-114 Borough High Street



Tel: 020 7357 6480

Fax: 020 7450 2299

Website: http://www.cot.org.uk/


Occupational Therapy is really a Graduate Program meaning that you need a college Bachelor's Degree before you can apply to an Occupational Therapy Graduate Program. Keep a high grade in those college courses because they'll count towards your college GPA, and you need a very high GPA when you graduate for Graduate school for any medical program is HIGHLY competitive; as in most programs only accept 50-60 people who apply.

Sadie S
Sadie S

Science classes generally are only good for 5 years so I'd take those towards the end of the degree program. However, taking free science college classes over the summer will only help you in the future since it will keep you learning.

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