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RN Affter high school, i need help guys. best answer 10points!(:?

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Hi guys i am a Junior in High School in Houston.Tx , i've always wanted to become a RN so i am going to aim for my goals but i want to know a bit more about what i should do and all that stuff like ,

1)What classes am i going to have to take in college?

2)what i need to do from right now in order to become a rn?

3)how long will it take

can anyone please give me advise on what to do i really want to know more about becoming a rn and what it is also like

Thanks guys!(:


1) Your college adviser will tell you what classes you need to take but some of these will most likely be recommended to you - Nutritional classes, Anatomy, Microbiology, Nursing Care, Biology, Mental Health, and Cultural Competency. But most likely your college is going to have a nursing program.

2) Four years of English, three to four years of math; two to four years of science, especially biology and chemistry; and three to four years of social studies if youve already done those then youre good, i dont think its a requirement im not sure but better safe then sorry you can talk to your schools guidance counselor about it. And if it is im sure you can do some sort of make up classes in college.

3) You can become a RN and get your ADN (associates degree in nursing) in 2 years, Or get your BSN (bachelor in science and nursing) in 4 years. Being a registered nurse with an ADN isnt the best idea, nurses with a BSN get paid more and get more opportunity to advance in their professions. So it would be much wiser to get your BSN.

Also a second language isnt required but it brings opportunity and higher pay.

I would not become a RN and heres why, i dont have the stomach for it. Remember youre taking care of people that are very sick. As an RN youre going to see alot of gross things and do gross things, changing diapers (on child, adult, and elderly), sponge baths, changing clothes with vomit human waste and god knows what on it. ALOT of people are mistaken and think that only nurses aids do that, its doesnt matter if youre an RN of high stature if you see a patient that needs to be taken care of you do it yourself right then and there, its apart of your job, if you dont think "wow this person needs my help i better do something" and instead you think "oh gosh eww im gonna throw up" then you should pursue a different profession. It takes alot of stomach and guts to be any kind of nurse. Alot of people dont think it through, and just think youll be taking temperatures, blood work, giving meds, providing basic care etc. But its much more than that. If you think youre strong enough to do it, then go for it, and good luck.


Go to the website of schools you think you can afford to go to, look at the Nursing curriculum to see what classes are required. If you go to a good 4 year school you can get your graduate RN in 4 years of full time classes. If you get a straight RN from a 3 year school then it will take you 2 more years to get the graduate degree but you can work part time while you do it.

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