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I found the email address for the Human Resources manager of the job I applied to. Should I email her?

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Peter GriffinPeter Griffin

At this clinic that I'd applied to, I don't know anyone who works there, so unfortunately I couldn't network for the job or segue any email with ''Hey! So-and-so works and your clinic, and he said you'd be great to talk to regarding my job application!''

And I don't want to be a bother.

But at the same time, I DID get the HR Manager's email address, and maybe contacting her would get my application looked at. What should I do?


It would be more useful to email the hiring manager. He who would become the boss of the new hire. But if all else fails, worst that can happen is that you do not work for that company, and that is exactly where you are right now.

Common Sense
Common Sense

No. If they want you they'll call.

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