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I am planning on getting a job in a pharmacy?

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I am applying at Walgreens for a Pharmacy Tech job. Does anyone know if Walgreens makes you return to work for them after you are finished with Pharmacy school?


No, you could join the circus for the rest of your life if you wanted to.

Although, when you retire at age 65, they make you donate 1 eye.


Not sure the best way to answer your question. Pharmacy schools would be for individuals going into PharmD programs to become Pharmacists. Not sure what you are wanting to know when you asked whether or not Walgreens makes you return to work for them after you finish Pharmacy school. Are you in a PharmD program or something that is being paid for by Walgreens?


No they do not. You could try starting your own pharmacy. They are getting significantly cheaper to run now with great solutions like Telepharmacy. Check out www.telepharm.com

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