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How do I become a nurse?

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I live in Tennessee. I graduate highschool in May or June.

How do I start?

I understand the degrees, but when I look at colleges online, they are super confusing.

Do I need to take certain classes before I go to nursing school?

What classes are required?

Thanks in advance! (:


You need to investigate nursing schools in your area and decide which path you want to take. You can become an LPN or an RN. LPN is about 1 year at a technical / vocational or community college, and doesn't earn a degree in most cases, but allows you to sit for the NCLEX-PN exam which earns the license/title LPN.

RNs need a minimum of an Associates Degree in Nursing, but a Bachelors degree is preferred if you want to have an easier time getting a job as a new grad, or an easier time getting a job in a hospital. Either way, you need to complete some general ed courses and nursing prerequisite courses which are largely science courses like biology, chemistry, anatomy & physiology, etc. before you can apply to a school's nursing program. It's a separate, competitive application process so you need to work hard to keep a high GPA in high school and in your college prereqs.

Do a lot of research of the programs at the schools near you, and once you make your decision, you apply to that school for general admission, meet with academic advisers who help plan your sequence of courses, and start on your path. If going for the BSN, you might even start off taking your generals and prereqs at a community college and then transferring later when ready to start the nursing program. You might save some money this way, but you have to be absolutely sure the courses you take will transfer equally.


One great way to get an RN degree is at one of the state community colleges. You can become an RN in just 2 years. Go to http://tbr.edu/schools/default.aspx?id=2

and check the CCs nearest you to see if they offer the RN program. Two that do are Walters State and Motlow State.

Check with your guidance counselor to see if you have the science courses needed to apply for this program.

Age of Reason
Age of Reason

You need to check the State of Tennessee website and see what is required to be a licensed RN

Some states require a BA from a 4 yr college then 2 yrs nursing school. In college you take pre med classes meaning lots of sciences


This will apply to you, as well.


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