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Can you get into a pharmacy with a Nursing degree and a minor in Chemistry?

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I'm currently a chemistry major but its just so hard! I still want to become a pharmacist but I want to know if its likely to be admitted with a major in nursing and minor in chemistry.

When I graduate I still want to be able to get a great career with just my bachelors. I'm really getting sick of chemistry and my terrible professors so I want to have a plan b in case I don't decide to take the pharmacy route.

Simpson G
Simpson G

Sure, assuming you have all the proper PrePharm classes, do well on your admission test, and have the grades to get in.

I have no idea why you would be getting a nursing degree, though. It's going to be an extra two years after your Chem BS for a degree that you won't use if you head to Pharm school. Why take that spot from someone who actually WANTS to be a nurse? Why waste the time and money?

If you can major in Chem with your PrePharm, look at also applying to PA programs. If none of those work out, then look at doing a direct entry/accelerated BSN/MSN or Nurse Practitioner program. There is ZERO reason to do the nursing degree if your plan is Pharmacy School.

Edit: If you hate Chem, then why not do Bio? http://www.aacp.org/resources/student/ph¦


Where have you been for the last 10 years. Pharmacy is a PharmD program and the total schooling is 6 years, two years in general ed and 4 years in pharmacy school. A nursing degree will do you no good getting into a PharmD program and Pharmacists don't make big money or have great careers. Most of them work for big boxes like Target and CVS so the hours are terrible, weekends and holidays and 8 - 10 hour shifts, they also seldom get two days in a row off.

Diane A
Diane A

If you think a chem major is hard, the pharmD program will be talent double that. Are you sure about this? Even wi a nursing major you still need the pharm school p reqs and good PCAT scores, so that may actually extend your time in school. If you really do not want tone a nurse, you will hate nursing school. Perhaps clinical lab scientist may be for you.


If you don't like chemistry then why do you want to be a pharmacist? That is a major component of the job.

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