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Is the NFL a non-profit organization?

I saw a comment on an ESPN article about Roger Goodell's salary and someone said the National Football League is a non-profit. Is this true? ... Read more (2 answers)


Can a theater company go through an umbrella non profit for donations?

We are trying to start a new theater company and my father has a non profit that he doesn't really use. It's an educational non profit. Can ... Read more (2 answers)


What are three government agencies below the department level that monitor, assist or regulate CVS Caremark?

What are three government agencies below the department level that monitor, assist or regulate CVS Caremark or the good and services it produces. ... Read more (1 answers)


Please I really need help NOW! PLEASE I BEG!?

I am running against some people to be elected director of public relations, could you please give me good ideas on what to say. why should I be picke ... Read more (1 answers)


Can someone proof read this cover letter for me, please?!?

Position would require me to check and see if people are meeting the licensing requirements to run a daycare/childcare center. Keeping up with standar ... Read more (4 answers)

Abigail C
Abigail ...

A PART TIME job posting requries applicants to have 5 years of experience. What are employers thinking?

I was hopeful when I saw the job post, because I am a recent college grad and I thought it would be perfect for me. I would be willing to work only p ... Read more (8 answers)


What are some jobs in the army?

What are some different jobs in the army?? Thanks ... Read more (1 answers)


Non-Profit Offer Letter?

I received an offer letter for an exempt position in the non-profit sector and it lists the start date, probationary period, job title, direct report, ... Read more (1 answers)


Can the job center stop my benefits for taking voluntry work instead of attending a interview for paid work.?

So basically my dad has just started a new business and when it starts making money i will be managing all the sales and will have a very good job out ... Read more (6 answers)


EMT looking for the right Diaster Relief Group?

I'm EMT certified and i was looking for a good company to work with or volunteer. A company that pays you would be awesome but i really want to w ... Read more (2 answers)


Do you voluntarily disclose a DWAI at a job interview?

I received a DWAI last year and have a job interview next week. Do I disclose this information? A DWAI (Driving While Ability Impaired) is neither a ... Read more (1 answers)


Can I ever get a good job with my qualifications?

I'm 22, male, and a natural born US citizen, but my parents are from India. I just finished 4 years in the Army (I'm disabled at 30%) and ju ... Read more (5 answers)


What are some good paying jobs that are easy to get but are undesirable?

Im thinking about jobs that are dangerous, or where you have to clean up crime scenes or be around bodies ,generally things that most people don' ... Read more (2 answers)


BACKGROUND check for jobs?

I got my cousin who went to jail back in 2010 for assault and dui but everything end up drope to rekless driving.but he got cour cost to pay he aint p ... Read more (2 answers)


Is there a way to transform a for-profit business to a 501 non-profit?

I started a business as an LLC at first but after rethinking, we'd be better served being a non-profit. Without going into details of my business ... Read more (2 answers)


Want to be a firefighter paramedic?

But I'm scared of heights. Ps I'm only 14. ... Read more (1 answers)


If I worked for the government before, do I have security clearance?

I worked at a federal government agency a year ago and I had security clearance. Do I still have that clearance? ... Read more (1 answers)


Demotivating people, what to do?

Hey,at the moment I work as a security(woman) but in the future I'd like to work for the Police. But there are allot of people that say ... Read more (3 answers)


How hard will it be to get a job as a firefighter paramedic?

I want to be a firefighter paramedic. I'm only 14 but will it be difficult to find somewhere to work. Where could I get a job. How will that care ... Read more (1 answers)


Lazy people able pay bill from apartment by theirs jobs?

My favorite is If lazy people pay bill from theirs apartments. If it is real. ... Read more (1 answers)


Jobs around the world?

Hi guys i was looking for a job round the world whether it be the Amazon rain forest, South Africa or Australia. I am a out door person and would love ... Read more (2 answers)


Does the jobcentre contact your old job when making a new claim?

Do the contact your old job when making a new claim for benefits and also when can your job contact your emergancy contact? ... Read more (1 answers)


Why most of people bow down for Government jobs preparation?

Its a tough decision to decide between government sector and private sector but government jobs are more preferable than private jobs nowadays. ... Read more (1 answers)


What is the possible salary of a linguist?

I'm super interested in linguistics and am pretty sure I want to major in it. The thing is, I don't really know how much a linguist could ac ... Read more (1 answers)

Effy Stonem
Effy Sto...

The goverment ***** us all over.. what's the point in living?

They lie, they hide things from us. It's even to the point where there is such thing as "Food fraud." Like holy ****, I'm so done ... Read more (3 answers)


Employment & Support Allowance Benefit (ESA) Questions, England?

When you are claiming ESA as a couple, if one of you gets a job do you have to start a new claim for ESA as a single person, or is it just classed as ... Read more (1 answers)


A difference between public and private employment agencies is that?

A difference between public and private employment agencies is thatA) private agencies do not charge a feeB) public agencies list ... Read more (1 answers)


When is IBPS exam 2013 scheduled?

When the applications need to be filled up and how is recruitment done through IBPS for Probationary Officer positions? ... Read more (1 answers)

Queen Kerosene
Queen Ke...

How are disability rates determined?

My husband got fired from his job, he may be able to get disability because he has seizures. How are the pay rates for disability determined? We live ... Read more (2 answers)

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