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Char grill grease from cooking burgers burnt into pieces of carbon?

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Could you please let me know if the black solid carbon formed on the char- grill after cooking burgers ( grill temperature is more than 450 F) would still chemically consist of burger grease or is converted into a completely different material. I was cleaning the grill with a pressure washer to remove heavy build up of thick black carbon from the grill in my parking lot and my local city sewer department has objected to this saying that it is grease which is flowing into the storm water drain. I would appreciate an answer as soon as possible please. If you could post some links to authentic answers, it would really be great. Thanks

Ultimate Washer
Ultimate Washer

As my first 2 sources will show, it is possible for grease to be carbonized in cases of extreme heat. Carbonize, by the definition in my third source means, "to turn or be turned into carbon as a result of heating, fossilization, chemical treatment, etc." Thus the grease can be altered on a chemical level by the high heat. The problem with carbonized grease, however, is that it is not a smooth surface. Carbonized grease has pockets and folds. The city will argue that the pockets and folds can hold non-carbonized grease that has dried and congealed, hiding within the carbonized grease. They will argue that grease could have been washer down the drain regardless of whether or not some of it was carbonized. In the future, I would recommend using a wire brush to clean this grease while inside, and then sweeping up the pieces.

Thad Przybylowski
Thad Przybylowski

From what I understand, pouring cooking fats, oils and grease down a kitchen sink is illegal in some areas since it can damage local sewers and eventually lead to sewage backups and overflows which, needless to say, are a huge environmental and health headache. And even if your bacon grease doesnt damage the local sewer system, it can clog the pipes in your home and generally be a huge pain in the pork butt.

Jimmy Usa
Jimmy Usa

Sorry, no "authentic" answers, just a lot of experience in restaurant design and codes. First thing, the carbon is really a mixture of carbon and grease. Second, under the carbon there is bound to be at least a thin layer of solid grease. How often are you pressure cleaning the grill? If it's daily or even a couple of times a week, the city has a good point. If this was a once every couple of months deal, then I don't see the problem (although the city will disagree with my opinion).

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