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How do I stay emotionally strong until I can find another job?

I am being bullied by my boss for six months, and it keeps getting worse. I'm a good person and don't deserve it. ... Read more (1 answers)


I need to get some feedback from below:?

Frances duties include office administration and customer service. she is often required to take orders from international customer. But when there ar ... Read more (1 answers)


Is it bad or wrong to submit a two-page resume?

A friend told me that most employers won't even look at a two-page resume. ... Read more (4 answers)


Do I stop bringing in candy?

I just started this job as the new receptionist. There are about 25 employees that I directly deal with in the day. My first few days, I decided to br ... Read more (1 answers)


What is the best way to get immediate work?

I have graduated from a vocational school, and the classes I took prepared me to work in a medical office. I would like to know what options are there ... Read more (2 answers)


Secretaries - Which website(s) do you use to make travel plans for your boss?

Please include airlines, rental cars, motels, etc. ... Read more (1 answers)


Secretaries - What would your boss's typical travel itinerary look like?

I'm not looking for details. I'm looking for format. Thanks! ... Read more (1 answers)

Nurse Mom Lawyer Athlete
Nurse Mo...

What does it mean when you start a new job and coworkers are hiding salamis in your stuff? Hazing? Friendly?

I started a new job a couple of months ago. During the second week, I opened my desk drawer and found a tiny little salami hidden in there. I wasn ... Read more (5 answers)

Nikki C
Nikki C...

Please help me write up a confirmation email?

Hey guys, I work at a car dealership, in the parts dept. When customers bring their vehicles to our service dept for service/repair, sometimes the ser ... Read more (1 answers)


Lazy people able pay bill from apartment by theirs jobs?

My favorite is If lazy people pay bill from theirs apartments. If it is real. ... Read more (2 answers)

Roshni Princesss
Roshni P...

If employee absent for one day without information so 1 day salary will be deducted.what will be the latter ?

Tell me that what to type on letter to report to employee about the salary deduction from their monthly salary ... Read more (2 answers)


What different kinds of clerical jobs are there?

I can think of registrar, administrative assistant... but nothing else. any ideas? ... Read more (1 answers)


Good employee review techniques?

I'm having an employee review tommorow and need tips! What will make me look good in front of my boss? I'm an accountant by the way. What ar ... Read more (1 answers)

sarav a
sarav a...

Need HR Related Formats?

I am working in a recruitment company. I need HR Formats. Can u help me where i can get it? ... Read more (2 answers)

Viviana Colin
Viviana ...

I would really like to know why this happened to me ?

I showed up.Work training n did my thing. I then asked Cynthia do i come back in on Monday and she said YES! come back in all week, everyday ... Read more (3 answers)


Do you have to have one of these to get this?

Why does everyone think you have to have a car to get a job? there are other methods of transit to get around right? everyone cant afford a car, so wh ... Read more (2 answers)


How do I give constructive feedback to a perfect boss?

I am interviewing for a management position with my district manager next week. I have been told I will have to give an example of a time when I had t ... Read more (1 answers)


Should I hire a new chamberlain?

I don't know what to do. Poor Haskill isn't as quick-minded as he used to be. It's hard to say, though. I've never seen his mind i ... Read more (1 answers)


I am working in a family shop and i am honest, my boss doesn't trust me.?

He's always on my case like i am stealing everyday, and i tried everything to prove him wrong, what more can i do? ... Read more (1 answers)


INTJ 16 year old sophomore in HS, need guidance in deciding what to do w/ future, help please?

I have so many questions and I want to be enlightened. Like what should I go to college to do? I'm making good grades, I have straight A's t ... Read more (2 answers)


A Model NV 300 acoustic-electric guitar is being sold for a list price of $1,899.90, with a cash discount of?

Given the terms of and list price of $1,899.90 with a cash discount terms of 3/10,n/30 shipping is $30.40 and sales tax is 7% if the payment is made ... Read more (1 answers)


How quickly or soon should I file for PA unemployment comp. after being laid off?

I already did the one week waiting period many years back. Thanks! ... Read more (1 answers)


Cover letter for Volunteer position with no experience ..?

Hi all, I want to volunteer for a billing & coding position in an office type setting. I have no prior experience with this particular position. H ... Read more (1 answers)


What risks did you take to farther your career?

To be successful they say you have to take risk. what are some of the the pros and cons of making those option ... Read more (2 answers)


Am I the only one who sleeps at home all day?

I'm 25 with a BA DEGREE. I have no job, and so no income at all. I live with my family. I searched for a job but couldn't find one. I'm ... Read more (4 answers)


Can anyone give me job websites that cater to senior citizens?

I am 60, stuck in a horrible, abusive job environment and have been looking for a year. My co-workers are looking too, but they are younger. ... Read more (1 answers)


Which statement should I put in my cover letter or use in a job interview? Both are true.?

I am seeking employment in closer proximity to my current residence.My current employer froze all of our paychecks. Consequently, I am seek ... Read more (2 answers)


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