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Jobs with qualification requirements that I don't have...apply anyway?

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Wendy BWendy B

I am looking for a new job. I find that most of the positions out there, even a few steps down from what I'm doing now, list requirements that I don't meet.

For example, one job was for a "patient services rep"

Here are the requirements:

Six months clerical or customer service experience, preferably in a hospital or medical office.

Collections experience in a medical setting.

Excellent communication and strong customer service skills.

Working knowledge and ability to perform accurately and efficiently on computer.

Typing skills of 30 wpm.

Would you still apply if you don't fit the collections aspect of the listing? I have 20 years customer service and management experience and three years clerical in the medical industry. I've never called on a bad bill though. It seems silly that I am unqualified to do so many jobs. There are so many positions like this out there that I know I could perform well, but there is always one or two little things like this.

If I were the HR person (and I have been)...it would bug me if seemingly unqualified people to my standards wasted my time. However, why list something like collections experience? It isn't rocket science, you know? It would be like a data entry job saying you must have had a typing job to be qualified, even if their typing skills are through the roof.

I guess I'm curious if you would apply anyway? Or would you pass it over if you don't meet the qualifications even if you know you're capable?

Age of Reason
Age of Reason

No I would not. HR will toss non qualified applications in the trash. Thus a waste of time and black mark against you when a job does come up that you do qualify for.

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